Account Aggregation

The Tink platform aggregates financial information using our proprietary aggregation technology, providing unparalleled reliability, speed and data-quality. We already cover more than 200 financial institutions across Europe, and we are constantly expanding the service to support new markets and more financial institutions.

Once connected to a bank, the service allows for the aggregation of any financial information that is typically available online. The information can be used in multiple ways, from creating a better view of a customer’s finances, to improved credit scoring, or serve as a base for product recommendations. We also use it ourselves in our own Tink-app where it constitutes the foundation of our PFM offering, but also in our marketplace banking when matching our users with better mortgages products and other financial services.

Payment Initiation

Expanding on our proven aggregation product, the Tink Platform also provides payments capabilities using both PSD2-style payment initiation as well as everyday bill-pay schemas.

Using our payment initiation product, you can build seamless on-boarding experiences where the customers can fund their new accounts directly from their old ones held with your competitors, you can build innovative payment solutions where you leverage traditional banking infrastructure in new ways, or build true multi-banking financial services where your customers can manage their money and pay their bills across all their accounts in any bank.


Personal Finance Management

Tink was a pioneer in the mobile PFM space when we launched our own application in 2013, and our success is mainly attributed to our capacity to extract knowledge from data. We quickly learned that information needs to be timely, relevant and comprehensible. The demand for convenience forced us to rethink the way financial information, insights and advice are presented.

Since then, we have processed billions of transactions and today our platform performs millions of calculations for every new transaction ingested. It detects deviations from the norm, highlights what’s important and builds statistical profiles of each individual customer - from how the customer spends their money, to identifying behavioural changes such as increased spend rate or suspicious card activity.

Based on your customers' complete financial profiles, our platform enables you to build fully digital engagement and advisory experiences with data-driven insights and actionable advice. By nudging your customers in their everyday lives - through helping them avoid overdrafts, save a little every month, or automatically prepare for the bigger financial commitments in life - you will improve their financial health and happiness for tomorrow.

Product Recommendations

In 2017 we launched the possibility to switch mortgages and open new savings accounts in our own Tink application, and by doing so we became the first European player to offer a fully digital marketplace banking experience prior to PSD2.

With our technology you will be able to provide personalised product recommendations based on the vast and detailed data that is aggregated and processed by the platform.

Our product recommendation engine is built to support all types of financial products, including savings accounts, mortgages, investments, credit cards and unsecured loans. It also provides fully digital onboarding procedures for the recommended products, including a full in-app KYC/AML process.


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