Personal Finance Management

Tink was a pioneer in the mobile PFM space when we launched our own application in 2013, and our success is mainly attributed to our capacity to extract knowledge from data. We quickly learned that information needs to be timely, relevant and comprehensible. The demand for convenience forced us to rethink the way financial information, insights and advice are presented.

Since then, we have processed billions of transactions and today our platform performs millions of calculations for every new transaction ingested. It detects deviations from the norm, highlights what’s important and builds statistical profiles of each individual customer - from how the customer spends their money, to identifying behavioural changes such as increased spend rate or suspicious card activity.

Based on your customers' complete financial profiles, our platform enables you to build fully digital engagement and advisory experiences with data-driven insights and actionable advice. By nudging your customers in their everyday lives - through helping them avoid overdrafts, save a little every month, or automatically prepare for the bigger financial commitments in life - you will improve their financial health and happiness for tomorrow.