Tink Technology Platform

Easy Integration and Development

The Tink platform is built around industry standard APIs which provides innovative functionality and rapid front-end development. The architecture makes integration to any bank system simple, and the platform can be production ready within days, not months. The APIs can be consumed by any application or system, internal or external - opening up endless possibilities.


A Flexible Managed Service

The Tink Platform is deployed as a managed service, so our customers can focus on value adding activities while Tink handles all maintenance and operations in the background. The platform can be deployed into cloud environments or into an on-premise data-center. 


Scales with your Needs

The Tink Platform is designed with horizontal scalability in mind, using a micro-services architecture and scale-out databases to support both our own and our customers’ future needs and requirements.


Constantly Evolving

Our own award-winning consumer application is built on the Tink Platform, which means that every aspect of it has been tested and evaluated on our large, active user base. We constantly innovate and add new features and functionality to the platform based on our learnings, and we instantly share it with our partners so that you can access our latest innovation without effort.


Bank-level Security

Tink is ISO 27001 certified and ensures that the data is protected. Working closely with your SOC, we guarantee that security is on par with your compliance and information security requirements.


APIs for Third Parties

Functioning as a middle layer to your core systems, the Tink Platform can be your API gateway for third parties. Allowing you to either become PSD2 compliant in an instant, or find new revenue streams in this evolving industry.


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